Revitalizing the brand, website, and marketing for a curiously human Conversational AI platform.

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A Conversational AI platform with a human-centered mission to create more meaningful connections between consumers and brands.




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Since 1995, LivePerson has been helping brands connect with customers through Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through human-like interactions with automated messaging and voice-enabled applications, the AI enables personalized experiences that drive increased value in commerce and care relationships. Our main challenge was to rebrand LivePerson to make their AI feel more approachable and human.


Through intense collaboration with LivePerson’s in-house design and marketing team, 829 created a fresh brand with a highly functional and flexible design system that can grow with the company.

Live person website elements.

Design System

829 developed an innovative design system, plus new, colorful branding, that allowed LivePerson to seamlessly build a new site to attract more leads. 829’s integrated approach combining paid media, SEO, ABM and web design—and with our collaboration with LivePerson’s key stakeholders—lead to a highly approachable brand with a more intense and customized approach to marketing.

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Live Person website pages.
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Live Person website elements.

The Results

In LivePerson’s first year with 829, there was a striking 180M+ won in new business. 829 also saw a 4.4% increased engagement of customers that landed on the site and were then targeted with account-based marketing ads, as well as a 39.8x return on investment in Q1 of 2022.

When it came to optimizing the LivePerson site, 829 made a significant discovery thanks to Data Studio to support cross-platform decision making for both PPC and SEO. The 829 team was able to do this by blending keywords that were ranking for both channels. This helped 829 identify which keywords might be over utilized or where spend and efforts may have been underutilized. 829 found that the site was up 1000+ visits when compared to the last year, and that there was a 50% increase in demos that month versus the previous month due to structural site changes.

829’s paid search and paid social teams helped LivePerson dramatically improve LinkedIn Ads performance, including decreasing cost per conversion by 34%, decreasing cost per click by 50%, and increasing conversion volume by 77%. All the while, spend only increased by 17% during this timeframe. Simultaneously, Google Ads performance also drastically improved with cost per conversion decreasing by 25%, and the 829 team saw the conversion rate increase by 71%, and conversion volume increase by 53%.

829’s strategic recommendations and use of account-based marketing tactics have reached, engaged, and progressed thousands of accounts through LivePerson’s sales pipeline, leveraging 6Sense, paid search, paid social, and email marketing. 829 successfully signed 40 companies totaling $60,000,000 in revenue for LivePerson, gained an additional $80,000,000 in new pipeline revenue created or influenced, and progressed 900 companies through the sales, marketing, and contract/opportunity nurture campaigns.

Marketing efforts continued as 829 built out new engagement email nurture flows. 829 ran several one-off emails as well as multi-send emails. In Q1, there was a larger initial audience with 516,431 emails sent. 829 found that there were 39,716 opens and 7,693 clicks. By Q2, there was a smaller audience size due to those users who met the criteria—166,348 emails were sent and 154,400 emails delivered. 829 saw 17,831 emails were opened by users, which is a 11.60% increase from Q1.

829 was able to successfully revitalize the LivePerson brand, website, and marketing strategy, but more importantly, the 829 team effectively humanized this AI platform. LivePerson continues to pave the way in adaptable B2B solutions that automate and deliver meaningful experiences to consumers around the world–a marketing mission 829 is proud to support.

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