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829’s Brand Clarity™ Framework will differentiate your brand, clearly demonstrate your value, and position your organization as a leader.

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Build a brand so powerful that it’s your customer’s only choice

Through strategic problem-solving, unique messaging, and exceptional visual design, we’ll build a truly memorable identity that hooks customers and creates lasting value.

  • Customer recognition & loyalty

    Establish consistent messaging and build customer loyalty by becoming instantly recognizable.

  • Establish values & credibility

    Make a statement and create trust through a foundational purpose, vision, mission, and values.

  • Leave your competition in the dust

    Overcome the limitations of your current brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors by demonstrating how your business is truly unique.

Our Approach

  • Foundation

    We start by identifying the reasons why your organization exists, what it hopes to achieve, and how it will act in doing so.

  • Strategic plan

    We’ll establish a clear plan to achieve your goals, including identifying unique attributes and differentiators, and crafting the positioning and promise that customers expect.

  • Expression

    From visual identity to key messages, we’ll ensure that your brand’s personality is clear, concise, memorable, and will stand the test of time.

This is always our favorite meeting of the week. It is always a very fun and exciting meeting for us because we get to see your work. And it’s always just been so stellar.

Our Process

  • Discovery

    We start by understanding you—your goals, audience, and market. We’ll conduct detailed stakeholder interviews and audience surveys.

  • Foundation

    We’ll build out your purpose, vision, mission, and values that underpin everything you do.

  • Strategic plan

    Through customer journey mapping and in-depth workshops, we’ll take a deep dive into key audiences, objectives, differentiators, and brand attributes.

  • Visual identity

    We’ll ensure your logo hits the mark, and create a visual identity system for color, typography, iconography, photography, and other brand elements.

  • Messaging

    From voice and tone, to tagline and elevator pitch, and value proposition and key messaging, we’ll develop copy that delivers.

  • Brand management

    We’ll create an activation roadmap to bring your brand to life internally, and help train your employees to ensure the new brand is executed according to plan.

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