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Boosting revenue and expanding market reach through a series of strategic marketing initiatives

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An Icelandic low-cost airline providing affordable and enjoyable flights between North America and Europe on modern Airbus aircraft.




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The Challenge

PLAY Airlines faced significant challenges in achieving market expansion, engaging their target audience, accurately tracking conversions, and improving organic search visibility. These obstacles hindered their revenue growth potential and limited their online presence.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, 829 implemented a series of transformative digital initiatives. They personalized their advertising approach based on customer interests and optimized campaigns to engage prospective flyers effectively. 829 also revamped their tracking infrastructure, enabling precise measurement of conversions and campaign performance. Additionally, they implemented SEO enhancements to improve organic search visibility and keyword rankings, driving increased website traffic and revenue growth.

  • 385%

    Increase in Conversion Growth

  • 71%

    Increase in Conversions Metric

  • 266%

    Increase in ROAS

The Results

PLAY Airlines was able to meet or exceed its revenue goals for digital programs with increasing ease as the year has progressed. PLAY Airlines now has a presence in North America and Europe speaking the same language as their audience. Prospective flyers now receive ads that speak to the cities they’re interested in visiting based on their website activity, rather than just generic catch-all messaging.

Ads in different languages.

Paid Search

  • 71% increase in conversions YoY Nov-May.
  • 265% increase in ROAS YoY Nov-May.
  • 385% increase in conv rate YoY Nov-May, all while spending 40% less.
  • Restructured and combined all 3 separate Google Ads accounts into 1 single account.
  • Built out and managed 144 new campaigns based on priority, new market launches, or new promotions.

Paid Social

  • Drove record-high revenue in Europe and North America, with program returns approaching 60x worldwide.
  • Overhauled back-end tracking infrastructure to calculate seats booked, cost per seat booked, and seats booked per flight.
  • Introduced landing pages, ad copy, and imagery that spoke to destination and origin airports, to increase conversion rates.


  • Launched first-ever programmatic campaigns in the US and Iceland. Campaigns targeted all funnel stages.
  • Developed first-ever benchmarks for efficient awareness-building campaigns.
  • Generated partnership opportunities with Hopper and beyond for increased collaboration.


  • 26% increase in organic sessions and a remarkable 39% increase in new organic users.
  • 15% uptick in revenue attributed to organic search, translating to an impressive $8,817,790.
  • Significant strides in keyword ranking, with organic keywords in positions 1-10 rising from 459 to 1951.
  • 265%

    Increase in ROAS

  • 60x

    Worldwide program returns

  • 71%

    Increase in conversions

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