Restructuring a hospitality & consulting firm’s messaging to go further and do more.

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A consulting firm that advises hotels and tourism boards to help them attract the right customers.




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When PTG approached 829 Studios, they were struggling to combine two sides of their business: tourism and hospitality. They wanted to present PTG as a united firm that caters to hotels (of all sizes) as well as towns, states, and countries seeking to expand tourism. Another objective was to elevate their branding to match the high-quality services they offer.


829 rebranded PTG with an updated voice, tone, brand lexicon, and brand-aligned communication tools. The fresh, new branding with distinctive colors and a hand-drawn logo made PTG stand out from competitors. To showcase the high level of work they do for clients, 829’s web strategy was to incorporate proof points on all service pages.


With cohesive brand assets that match the quality of its offerings, PTG is able to both create internal alignment, and present itself as a brand that is insightful, accomplished, strategic and dependable. As a companion piece to the new website, 829 created an animated video showcasing PTG’s services and its dedicated team of experienced professionals. By showing unity between its two offerings, using case studies as social proof and linking service pages together for “cross-pollination,” the new website is able to deliver unique user journeys and keep engagement high.

Brand Strategy

As part of the rebrand, the organization was repositioned from “Preferred Hospitality Group” to “Preferred Travel Group” to better represent the breadth of service offerings. 829 helped the organization identify its differentiators and proof points to serve as top content pillars.

PTG photo and typography graphic.
PTG photo.
PTG typography graphic.
PTG photo and typography graphic.
PTG brand guide.

Visual Identity

829 fully reimagined PTG’s visual identity, including the logo, colors, fronts, iconography, and photography. This flowed beyond the website into communication tools like whitepapers, e-books, slide decks, document templates and more.

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PTG’s website was redesigned from the ground up with a focus on lead generation. Case Studies are seamlessly woven throughout the services content to create a deep, engaging experience for prospective clients.

PTG website pages.
PTG website pages.
PTG website on mobile.
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