Direct Mail

Make an in-person or personal impact with targeted direct mail

In a digital world, physical or traditional direct mail lets you make a strong, memorable connection with your customers and prospects. It’s a way to extend your brand reach — and can also play a key role in a larger, integrated marketing campaign.

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Create measurable campaigns with big returns

Traditional direct mail marketing can help you make a lasting, personal impression on audiences overwhelmed by competitive noise.

  • Expand your reach

    Not everyone in your target audience may frequent social platforms or the web. Traditional direct mail lets you reach everyone on your list.

  • Grab attention (and keep it)

    There’s much less competition in direct mail than online – it lets you hold your audience’s full attention.

  • Interact with your audience

    And extend valuable information and offers. Direct mail allows you to foster interaction through coupons, catalogs, and more.

Our Approach

  • Audience-centered

    We work with you to define and research your target audience. By doing deep research, we’ll create perfectly targeted campaigns that provide real results.

  • Data-driven

    Through tracking audience engagement, we can optimize your marketing campaigns. Because our campaigns are driven by data, you’ll get the results you need.

  • Integrated Campaigns

    When you integrate your direct mail and online campaigns, you’ll achieve a maximum return — and a consistent, engaging customer experience.

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Our Process

  • Discovery & research

    We set up a solid foundation by accessing your goals and researching your audience.

  • Optimize mailing lists

    By analyzing your audience, we create the best mailing list for your campaign.

  • A strong, single call-to-action

    We determine the most compelling offer to get your audience to act.

  • Visual design

    Thoughtful branding and visuals will capture your audience’s attention—and draw them into your message.

  • Launch

    Production, mailing and distribution send your optimal campaign right to your customer’s door.

  • Evaluate success

    We collect data on the effectiveness of your campaign—and use it to inform the next one.

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