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Generate awareness, engagement and traffic

Unlike organic social, paid social puts you in front of new audiences. With interest-based targeting, every ad is a fresh chance to engage potential customers and gain new followers.

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Paid social introduces your brand to new users

Thanks to granular demographic and interest targeting, we can put your brand in front of new audiences where you have the best opportunity to generate leads.

  • Build brand awareness

    Build your brand’s reputation on social media. We optimize your paid ads for the fastest growth.

  • Target specific audiences

    By tracking data and reporting, we can tell you exactly which users are reacting to your ads.

  • Convert customers

    Identify customers at every stage of awareness and create targeted messaging to convert them.

Our Approach

  • Research-driven strategy

    Our detailed research and discovery let us understand the market and your business’ goals. We use it to craft the most effective social strategy for your brand.

  • Follow market trends

    The ability to be nimble and pivot your message on demand is important to your success on social media. We’ll keep your messaging fresh and up-to-date — and help you react appropriately to current events.

  • Use each platform’s strengths

    We understand each platform intimately. From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn, we’ll place your social ads on the best platform to help you meet your goals.

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Our Process

  • Preliminary Research

    Gather information–from audience segments to your competitors–to inform your campaigns.

  • Strategy Deck

    Outline your overall campaign strategy, including interest targeting, demographic targeting, business goals and analytic tracking.

  • Creative Ads Strategy

    Create sample ads, using your existing brand standards to establish creative guidelines for social.

  • Tracking & Audience Building

    Install a variety of tracking software to build and target audiences.

  • Campaign Launch

    Allocate budgets, test tracking and set up goals for launch.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

    Monitor and optimize ongoing campaigns to maximize performance and conversions.

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