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Over 60% of consumers say email is their preferred primary point of contact. A well-thought-out strategy can help you nurture leads and deepen engagement with existing customers. And automation makes it easy.

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Nurture prospects and improve sales

Gain efficiencies and forge stronger connections with clients and prospects with highly targeted and effective email campaigns.

  • Improve engagement with different audiences

    Reach your engagement goals through multi-email workflows. Tailor automated emails to a range of audiences—for the best results.

  • Create Targeted One-Off Campaigns

    Create a calendar of date-based email sends that target all contacts—or specific audiences—for your events.

  • Receive In-depth Performance Reports

    You’ll receive in-depth reports, as well as suggestions for optimization to ensure your continued success and evolution.

Our Approach

  • Attention to Detail

    Every email is thoroughly reviewed before launch. Our robust QA system catches errors big and small—from a misspelled word to an image linking to the wrong location.

  • Client Approved Segmentation

    We constantly seek feedback in order to make sure we are sending the right info to the right people at the right time.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Reporting allows us to closely evaluate the performance of a certain campaign and conduct A/B tests to increase engagement.

Very few companies that we’ve worked with in the past have been this specific and have so well pinpointed who we are. Very well done.  So far you’ve hit the brand is spot on.

Our Process

  • Automated Workflows

    A collection of 5-10 emails or SMS messages to nurture leads, customers and partners.

  • One-Off Emails

    Emails and SMS messages promoting a single smaller event, holiday or promotion.

  • Landing Pages

    Customized landing pages for your emails that create a continuity of messaging and help increase conversion rates.

  • Forms

    Both regular and pop-up forms that boost lead generation.

  • Performance Reports

    Assessments of campaign results that allow us to evaluate and optimize future efforts.

  • Sales Support

    Optimization and implementation of sales processes that integrate seamlessly with your marketing efforts.

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