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829 worked with Linkage to define four main objectives for their new website: enhance their credibility within the consulting world, emphasize their all-encompassing approach to leadership development, create a more user-friendly digital experience, and heighten the “human” feel of their website. These objectives formed their ultimate goal—to increase lead generation and emphasize the well-roundedness of their brand.


829 created a sleek, new platform that effectively merged design with results. And that started with designing a polished and efficient menu that clearly highlighted core solutions, and surfaced pathways into success stories and insights.


Following the website optimizations, 829 found that there were steady year-over-year improvements shown from 2021 to 2022. For example, there was a 31.7% increase in total clicks, measuring out to be 22,800 clicks in 2021 compared to 30,100 clicks in 2022. There was also a 22.2% increase in impressions with 214,000 additional impressions in 2022 when compared to the previous year. Additionally, 829 saw a .2% increase in click-through rate, a 6.7% increase in average session duration, and a 2.6% improvement in bounce rate. But, there was still work to be done.

When it came to email marketing, 829 targeted two main audiences with Linkage’s promotional emails: organizational buyers and individual buyers. 829’s email marketing efforts resulted in a 5.18% increase in open rates year over year in the organizational buyer contact segment and a dramatic increase of 11.55% in open rates year over year in the individual buyer contact segment. Meanwhile, on the topic of click rates, 829 found a .63% increase year over year in the organizational buyer contact segment and an impressive 1.62% increase year over year in the individual buyer contact segment.

829’s email campaign efforts also produced results when it came to the 2021 Women in Leadership Conference, clocking in 2,415 total registrants. 94 of these were viewed as being “influenced” by these email marketing efforts throughout the year, showcasing a 3.89% conversion rate.

Lastly, 829’s paid marketing strategies for platforms like Google and LinkedIn generated 502 quality leads in 2021 and drove over 16.3k in site traffic in the same year. There was a 109% increase in lead volume on LinkedIn specifically in Q2 (2022 vs 2021) and a 140.5% increase in conversion volume on Google Ads in Q2 (2022 vs 2021).

Not only was 829 able to help Linkage increase lead generation and emphasize the well-roundedness of their brand, our team was also able to provide them with tangible results. The firm continues to enhance their brand through leadership content that’s just as effective, compelling, and seamless as the user journey experience.

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Design System

On the highly robust, content-heavy solution pages, 829 designed a variety of interactive components that could effectively cross-reference related offerings, whitepapers, events, solutions, and success stories, and interspersed them with bold, contextual calls-to-action that always kept lead generation at the forefront.

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829 started by tackling the navigation and designing a polished, hamburger-style menu. This new menu implemented an impossible-to-miss call-to-action—“Get In Touch”—that offered key lead generation for Linkage. To convey the holistic nature of Linkage’s work, 829 placed a simple form above-the-fold on the homepage that allows users to self-select their intent (“I’m ready to… build a pipeline of diverse leaders”). Reinforcing Linkage’s credibility, 829 crafted modular components that clearly state Linkage’s value proposition, cycle through client testimonials, and feature client logos and their associated success stories.

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Linkage website leadership insights page.
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